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Jeffrey Rusert of Jefferson County Takes a Look at The Bills’ Turbulent Playoff Push

Jeffrey Rusert of Jefferson County

Jeffrey Rusert of Jefferson County remains optimistic for the Buffalo Bills. The Buffalo Bills, once hailed as Super Bowl favorites, find themselves in a precarious position as the 2023 NFL season nears its end. With a 7-6 record, their playoff hopes are hanging by a thread. This article delves into the factors influencing their playoff push, analyzing their strengths and weaknesses while exploring their challenges.

Jeffrey Rusert of Jefferson County on A Season of Contrasts:

The Bills’ season has been a tale of two halves. They began with a strong 4-2 record, showcasing their offensive firepower led by the talented quarterback Josh Allen and the dynamic wide receiver duo of Stefon Diggs and Gabe Davis. Their defense, anchored by the imposing Tremaine Edmunds and the veteran safety Jordan Poyer, seemed capable of shutting down most opposing offenses.

However, their performance has faltered in recent weeks. Untimely turnovers, costly penalties, and inconsistent defensive plays have plagued their efforts. This has resulted in crucial losses that have jeopardized their playoff aspirations.

Strengths to Leverage:

Despite their struggles, Jeffrey Rusert of Jefferson County believes the Bills possess several strengths that could still propel them towards the playoffs.

Elite Quarterback Play: Josh Allen remains one of the most talented quarterbacks in the league. His capabilities pose a constant threat to opposing defenses. He can make plays with both his arms and his legs, creating scoring opportunities even when the offensive line struggles. No matter who the Bills square off against, they will always have a chance with Josh Allen at quarterback.

Dynamic Receiving Duo: Stefon Diggs and Gabe Davis are a nightmare matchup for any secondary. Their combination of speed, route-running ability, and sure hands makes them a constant source of offensive production.

Strong Running Game: Devin Singletary and Zack Moss provide a reliable rushing attack that can complement the passing game and keep defenses honest.

Improved Offensive Line: The offensive line, which was a major concern earlier in the season, has shown signs of improvement, providing Allen with better protection and allowing the running game to flourish.

Jeffrey Rusert of Jefferson County on Weaknesses to Address:

While the Bills possess undeniable strengths, they also have areas requiring improvement if they hope to reach the playoffs.

Turnovers: Josh Allen has been prone to costly interceptions at times, which have turned the tide of several games. Minimizing these turnovers will be crucial for the Bills’ success.

Discipline: Unnecessary penalties have hampered the Bills’ progress throughout the season. Eliminating these penalties will help them maintain momentum and avoid giving away free yards to their opponents.

Defensive Consistency: The Bills’ defense has shown flashes of brilliance, but has also been susceptible to big plays and late-game collapses. They need to find a way to maintain consistent pressure on opposing quarterbacks and limit explosive plays through the air.

Coaching Adjustments: The Bills’ coaching staff has faced criticism for their game management and in-game adjustments. They need to demonstrate better decision-making and the ability to better adapt to situations quickly.

Jeffrey Rusert of Jefferson County on the Remaining Schedule:

The Bills face a challenging remaining schedule, with games against several playoff contenders. Their path to the playoffs will require near-perfect execution and the ability to overcome adversity.

Week 15: vs. Dallas Cowboys

Week 16: at Los Angeles Chargers

Week 17: vs. New England Patriots

Week 18: at Miami Dolphins

The Odds Are Stacked Against Them:

Current playoff projections give the Bills a slim chance of reaching the postseason. However, they have shown glimpses of their potential throughout this season, and if they can address their weaknesses and capitalize on their strengths, they could defy the odds and secure a playoff berth.

Looking Ahead:

The Buffalo Bills are at a crossroads. Their season hangs in the balance, and their fate depends on their ability to overcome significant challenges. The next few weeks will be crucial, as they will determine whether their playoff aspirations remain alive or fade away into oblivion.  Jeffrey Rusert of Jefferson County believes the Bills will need to take at least three of their next four if they hope to play deep into January.

The Buffalo Bills’ playoff push is nothing less than exciting. While they face an uphill battle, Jeffrey Rusert of Jefferson County believes they possess the talent and determination to overcome adversity and achieve their goals. The coming weeks will be defining for their season, and their performance will determine whether they reach the postseason or join the ranks of fallen contenders. Only time will tell if the Bills can navigate the turbulent waters and secure a place in the playoffs.

Jeffrey Rusert Jefferson County

Josh Allen’s Evolution: Analyzing His Growth as a Quarterback

Jeffrey Rusert of Jefferson County

From having Football Outsiders writing that Josh Allen was a “parody of an NFL prospect” to him becoming MVP material, the Buffalo Bills football star has grown significantly as a quarterback.

But what was Josh Allen like only a few years ago? Was he really so mediocre before? Furthermore, what contributed to his sudden improvement?

Jeffrey Rusert of Jefferson County delves into Josh Allen’s career as a quarterback, as well as how he has massively improved since his NFL debut.

Josh Allen’s Evolution – By the Numbers

Before his professional career, Josh Allen had only completed 56% of his passes as a Wyoming quarterback. However, his completion percentage was even lower when he became an NFL rookie in 2018 – at only 53%. Fortunately, since then, Josh Allen has improved consistently.

Let’s take a look at his completion percentage over the years.

Season% of Completed Passes

Fans and sports analysts first noticed Josh Allen’s improvement in 2021 when he connected on 69.2% of his passes – a percentage not even Payton Manning nor Tom Brady achieved; both ended their football careers with 65.1% and 64.3%, respectively.

Moreover, in 2021, Josh Allen was 6th in Total Quarterback Ratings (66.3). He was behind the following:

  • Aaron Rodgers (74.1)
  • Tom Brady (73.1)
  • Justin Herbert (70.9)
  • Matthew Stafford (69.2)
  • Patrick Mahomes (67.7)

In 2023, however, Josh Allen had a 75.0 QBR and was only slightly behind Brock Purdy (77.0).

But what did Josh Allen do to improve so quickly?

Josh Allen Sought Jordan Palmer as a Mentor

After Jordan Palmer retired as an NFL quarterback, he began working as a coach. Some of his students included Kyle Allen, Bo Nix, Patrick Mahomes, and Josh Allen. Under Palmer’s coaching in the QB Summit, thousands of Josh Allen’s passes were supervised, reviewed, and improved.

While Jordan Palmer was mentoring Josh Allen, he told the Rich Eisen Show, “If you put a list together of the most physically talented players to ever play the position, I don’t know who else is on that list, but (Allen) sure is. He might be at the top of it.”

But how did Jordan Palmer help Josh Allen develop his style of play?

Jeffrey Rusert of Jefferson County

Data Analytics

These days, coaches can utilize data analytics to understand how athletes play – and Jordan Palmer is one of those coaches. In the same interview, Palmer explained their studio has a “4D, high-speed, motion capture camera system.”

This technology helps Palmer and his team analyze athletes’ hip motion, weight distribution, and arm firing. Moreover, the analytics also provide the ball’s velocity and spin rate. With these technologies, Jordan Palmer helped tweak Josh Allen’s techniques to their peak potential.

However, was Josh Allen actually ever mediocre to begin with?

An Injury Likely Changed Josh Allen’s Stats

Since the NFL consists of high-level athletes, Josh Allen’s low completion percentage in his first year was fairly unsurprising. However, many don’t know that, before his NFL debut, the quarterback had injured his throwing shoulder.

Despite his assured career in the NFL, he still played for Wyoming against Central Michigan in the 2017 Famous Idaho Potato Bowl. Though Wyoming ultimately won, the injury likely had an effect on Josh Allen’s college and NFL rookie stats.

Nonetheless, these days, few football fans have doubts about the Buffalo Bills quarterback – as he got so much better over time. Most sports enthusiasts now anticipate that the 27-year-old Josh Allen is on the path to NFL superstardom.


Ever doubted Josh Allen’s skills and talent? As it turns out, many others did as well – mainly due to his lower-than-average ratings and completion percentages. However, in recent years, Josh Allen has significantly improved as a quarterback, thanks to regular practices and coaching.

Additionally, with only six years of experience as a professional athlete, we can expect that he will continue growing to eventually become one of the greatest quarterbacks ever.

Jeffrey Rusert Jefferson County

Buffalo Bills: Analyzing Key Matchups for the Upcoming Season

Jeffrey Rusert of Jefferson County

It’s kick-off time – the 2023 NFL season has begun. And already, fans are focused on the Buffalo Bills and their recent win against the Las Vegas Raiders.

Bills fans have been anticipating these wins, and they certainly expect to see more.

Jeffrey Rusert of Jefferson County tackles the upcoming matchups that the Bills have been preparing all season for.

Beating the Fish: Bills vs. Dolphins

Football fans are always excited to watch two rivals play against each other. On October 1st, they’ll witness exactly that – as the Buffalo Bills face the Miami Dolphins at the Highmark Stadium.

To Buffalo Bills players and fans, all matches against the Miami Dolphins are monumental, considering the Dolphins are often recognized as the best football team in NFL history. If there’s any team that should steal that title, they’d want nothing more than for it to be the Bills.

In addition, many of the Buffalo Bills’ supporters and players are still not over their win against the Dolphins last December – to them, it’s essential to continue that winning streak.

However, the Dolphins aren’t the only opponents the Bills need to prepare for. They have to keep their heads up for another rival – and weather to acclimate to.

The Union Jack and Jacksonville: Bills vs. Jaguars

Week 4 may be crucial to the Buffalo Bills, as it is the week where the team will face off against the Dolphins. Likewise, week 5 will be just as important – as they will face the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Despite both teams last facing off in November 2021 (where the Jaguars won), the match location is still somewhat concerning, as neither will have a home-court advantage. Instead, on October 8th, the match will take place in London at the Tottenham Hotspurs Stadium.

Once the Bills return to the USA, they’ll face two more of their biggest rivals – the New York Giants and New England Patriots.

Fortunately, these matches will commence at the Highmark Stadium and Gillette Stadium, respectively.

However, fans are even more eager to watch the rematch between the Bills and the team that ended their 2022 postseason: The Bengals.

The Anticipated Rematch: Bills vs. Bengals

The Buffalo Bills may have lost to the Cincinnati Bengals last year, but the Bills are dominating the sport this season. On the other hand, the Bengals lost to the Baltimore Ravens in week 2, but this loss didn’t seem to dampen their spirit.

As confident as both teams are, one veteran sportswriter predicts a team that can beat the Buffalo Bills.

Jeffrey Rusert of Jefferson County

Super Bowl LVIII Picks: Bills vs. Eagles

On week 12 (November 27), the Buffalo Bills will face the Philadelphia Eagles, and most Bills fans are still upset about the 13-31 loss. These are some reasons why Peter King – a sportswriter for NBC Sports – thinks the Eagles will win the Super Bowl.

In his Football Morning in America column, Peter King explains that the reason why the Eagles have a huge chance of winning is because he doesn’t think that “there’s a clear weakness on the Eagles.”

That said, Peter King doesn’t think the Bills will win against the Eagles. According to him, “I have a Philly-Dallas NFC title game, which could be epic.”

Until that happens, however, football fans just need to stay tuned.


The Buffalo Bills’ 38-10 win against the Las Vegas Raiders boosted the Bills fans and players’ morale immensely. If the team consistently dominates this season, then there will be more to look out for.

Jeffrey Rusert Jefferson County

Legends of the Buffalo Bills: Honoring Hall of Fame Players

Since the OG owner, Ralph Wilson Jr., founded the Buffalo Bills in the American Football League in 1960, the team has had quite an impact. After all, the Bills remain as the only team to have appeared in four consecutive Super Bowls! While all players put in the work and effort, some Hall of Famers are forever remembered as true legends. 

From Bruce Smith, the notorious defensive end, to Joe DeLamielleure, the unmatchable guard, Jeffrey Rusert of Jefferson County says that the Buffalo Bills had the remarkable pleasure of hosting these formidable players on its roster. 

Jeffrey Rusert of Jefferson County

Defensive End Bruce Smith

1985 to 1999

Bruce Smith isn’t just one of the best DEs to have graced the Buffalo Bills franchise, he is one of the best to have blessed the National Football League as a whole. 

After starting his tenure with the team in 1985, Smith went on to amass more sacks (200) than anybody else in NFL history. He anchored the defense for 15 years, becoming the player who competed in the most seasons donning a Bills jersey.

Quarterback Jim Kelly

1986 to 1996

Taken in the 1983 NFL draft as the third quarterback, Jim Kelly’s QB class has developed into the best in the sport’s history. However, he didn’t actually want to play for the Bills at first. 

He played two seasons with the Houston Gamblers, throwing for 9,892 yards and racking up 83 touchdowns before heading to the Bills in 1986.

Kelly ended up leading the team to a 101-59 regular season record, solidifying spots in four back-to-back Super Bowls. He threw 237 touchdowns and completed 60.1% of his passes for 35,467 yards. Plus, he led 22 comebacks throughout his accoladed career. 

His play style made it impossible for defenses to substitute people, ensuring that the offense knew exactly what to do. This certainly played a role in him being named as a Pro Bowler five times and an All-Pro three times. 

Running Back OJ Simpson

1969 to 1979

When the Buffalo Bills picked OJ Simpson in the 1969 draft, he was one of the most lauded rookies, having won the 1968 Heisman Trophy and a two-time All-American accolade from the University of Southern California. 

In his career, he rushed for 11,236 yards and racked up 456 points on 76 touchdowns. However, he’s best remembered for his jaw-dropping 1973 season when he became the first running back to rush over 2,000 yards.

That wasn’t the only time he led the league in rushing, though. He showed them how it’s done in 1972, 1975, and 1976 as well.  

Jeffrey Rusert of Jefferson County

Wide Receiver Andre Reed

1985 to 1999

Andre Reed began wide receiving for the Bills throughout the Super Bowl years, catching 941 passes for a staggering 13,095 yards.

On a few occasions, people have nominated him for the Pro Football Hall of Fame, but he’s yet to earn this honor — a surprise considering how his 27 receptions for 353 yards in various Super Bowls put him among the best in NFL history. 

Guard Joe DeLamielleure

1973 to 1979

Joe DeLamielleure, alongside the rest of the offensive line, were called the “Electric Company” as they turned “the Juice loose.” 

Individually, DeLamielleure was a reliable, durable, and dependable player, participating in 185 straight games throughout his 13 seasons with the Bills. 

Jeffrey Rusert Jefferson County

The Impact Of Buffalo Bills’ Coaching Staff In The Offseason

Jeffrey Rusert Jefferson County

This offseason has seen the Buffalo Bills make some major changes to their coaching staff after battling hard, but ultimately failing, to snag the win against the Cincinnati Bengals. Despite winning double-digit games throughout the past four seasons, the offensive line wasn’t so hot. Hopefully, the coaching switch up will end up having the desired effect. 

Jeffrey Rusert of Jefferson County reports that from Chad Hall leaving for the Jacksonville Jaguars to Leslie Frazier taking a break to Eric Washington settling in as the assistant head coach, the Buffalo Bills coaching structure has been full of changes.

Chad Hall Leaves the Buffalo Bills Wide Receivers Behind

Chad Hall was simply adored by the Buffalo Bills wide receivers, but Hall’s contract with the team has expired, and as sad as it may be, he has chosem to head to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Reporters note this could mean one of two things: either the Bills want to go in a different direction or Hall simply wants a change of scenery. Either way, he’s entering during a pretty good time for the Jaguars, a very much up-and-coming team.

Leslie Frazier Ends His Reign as Defensive Coordinator

Once the season ended, the Bills were fairly quick to announce that Leslie Frazier, their defensive coordinator, was choosing to step away from coaching for the next season.

Having called the line since 2017, head coach Sean McDermott said it will be difficult to replace Frazier’s consistency. He went on to mention that it was a long, hard season for the former coordinator, so he wanted to take a year off — and the team wishes him nothing but the best.

As for who will take his place, McDermott himself will reportedly shoulder Frazier’s duties, and it appears that he’s rather excited to take on the role. After all, he spent eight years as a defensive coordinator before jumping into the head coach seat, so it will be nice to see him work his magic on the Bills’ defensive positionings.

This is perhaps the biggest coaching change that has occurred this season. McDermott will have to balance his HC duties and defense responsibilities — and the team will need to get used to it as well!

However, all is going smoothly so far. That said, fans will have to wait to see just how much this will affect the team, come next season. 

Jeffrey Rusert Jefferson County

Eric Washington Gets Promoted

June 2023 saw the Bills promote Eric Washington to the assistant head coach/defensive line coach.

This follows his senior defensive assistant role that was given to him just last season. So, it appears he’s well on his way to becoming the defensive line coordinator for the Bills or a head coach position elsewhere in the league!

The Buffalo Bills Welcomes the New Additions and Staffing Changes

Aside from the above, the team has a few new coaches in the mix — Al Holcomb as senior defensive assistant, Adam Henry as the wide receivers coach (replacing the ever-loved Chad Hall), and Joe Danna as the safeties coach. 

According to the HC, he feels very good about these additions to the staff team, noting that they were all highly recommended. Fans and reporters alike are waiting for more updates on the team’s dynamic changes since the switch-up. 

Jeffrey Rusert Jefferson County

Fan Expectations and the Buffalo Bills: Previewing the Anticipated Season

Jeffrey Rusert Jefferson County

Is this finally the season? If you’re a Buffalo Bills fan, you have one of two reactions to that question – you’re either cringing at the thought of jinxing the post-seasons just by talking about it, or you’re jumping off the roof of a van onto a folding table with the confidence of someone who has survived eight feet of snow and lived to tell the tale. No one said being a Bills fan was easy, but the team has some seriously compelling storylines to look forward to this year.

As usual, the fans’ expectations are high, and Buffalo is buzzing with excitement as the city builds a new stadium for the beloved football team in the background. On the field, the hope is that some tweaks in offensive and defensive coaching strategies coupled with a slightly reshuffled lineup are the magic formula that has long eluded the city.

Jeffrey Rusert of Jefferson County reviews what fans can expect (and hope for) in the 2023-2024 season. 

Offensive and Defensive Improvements to Watch For

The team is poised to fortify their interior offensive line with the acquisition of Dalton Kincaid, much to the delight of Bills fans who look forward to Josh Allen having another target and being able to build a formidable tight end pair with Dawson Knox. Allen has a lot hanging over him, so only time will tell if his patience and accuracy can survive through the depths of winter.

Bringing in Poona Ford to work alongside DaQuan Jones should be enough to give fans some defensive excitement as the defensive backfield gets a boost with the return of Jordan Poyer and the addition of Taylor Rapp. A potentially healthy Von Miller returning for a full season would be the icing on the cake, helping to heal the loss of Tremaine Edmunds, Case Keenum, and Devin Singletary.

Meeting the AFC Challenges

Despite 13 regular-season victories in 2022, fans are going to need to see at least one playoff win this year to maintain momentum. After a harrowing end to last season with a wrenching, postponed loss against the Bengals and the trauma of the Damar Hamlin incident, Buffalo should be more determined than ever to push through their AFC contenders for their loyal fan base.

Things are going to get off to an interesting start as the Bills face the newest quarterback in the division – Aaron Rodgers – in the season opener at the New York Jets on Monday Night Football. They’ll also be making road trips to meet their opponents from the last three playoff losses – the Chiefs and Bengals. It’s not ideal for tailgaters, but it’s bound to keep the local sports bars in business. 

Fans are going to see a lot of prime-time action between Weeks 6 and Week 10 this year as they get four-night games in five weeks, including a rematch in Cincinnati. 

Jeffrey Rusert Jefferson County


The upcoming season will definitely have Bills fans biting their nails, but the good news is that they’re a fan base that cares through and through. After all, there’s no such thing as a fair-weather fan in Buffalo! Seeing Damar Hamlin – who is miraculously back at practice only months after an on-field cardiac arrest – take the field will no doubt be an emotional and motivating start to the season. And, of course, everyone is eager to see if Josh Allen on the cover of Madden ’24 is truly a “curse.”  

Jeffrey Rusert Jefferson County

Buffalo Bills: The Offseason

Jeffrey Rusert of Jefferson County

While the Buffalo Bills haven’t had a terrible offseason, they’re in quite a tricky spot due to the heavy hitters in the AFC East. According to Jeffrey Rusert of Jefferson County, the Bills earned a C+ grade, showing that they will certainly need additions if they hope to keep up with the rest of the division. 

Despite this, Bleacher Report praised the general manager, Brandon Beane, and the rest of the team for retaining their key players. Signing Odell Beckham Jr. would’ve made a substantial difference in their lackluster grading, though. 

Bills Fail to Make Big Moves During Free Agency As They Get Finances In Order

Unlike last year, the Buffalo Bills haven’t made any major splashes with their free agent picks. Instead, they are making much smaller moves, featuring lesser-lauded players like Connor McGovern, the replacement for Rodger Saffold.

Beane retained cornerback Dane Jackson and safety Jordan Poyer, but the Bills waved goodbye to linebacker Tremaine Edmunds, who left as a free agent. 

During a press conference in March, Beane stated that they want to be competitive each year, but they won’t always be able to make big-ticket additions. Fiscal responsibility is, of course, a priority. 

Essentially, management is trying to be smart to avoid piling up the bills as the years tick by. 

Buffalo Bills have roughly $7 million in salary caps, with most of it going toward signing the rookie class from the 2023 NFL Draft. Although they could restructure their current contracts to find space, Beane is set on efficiently managing finances. 

Fox Sports mentions it was probably a good decision to avoid splashing the big bucks this offseason, since the free agency picks lacked a lot of big-ticket signings in the first place. However, the Dolphins managed to trade for cornerback Jalen Ramsey, and the Jets are hoping to bring Aaron Rodgers to New York. 

The AFC East is quickly growing more competitive, with teams throughout getting creative in a particularly lackluster market. Even then, Beane is taking a different approach, keeping his eyes firmly on bargains and those already on his roster. 

Jeffrey Rusert of Jefferson County

The Collaboration of The Defensive Leadership Remains an Interesting Speculation

One player that makes a lot of sense for the Buffalo Bills is quarterback Josh Allen. Fox Sports dubbed him a “cure-all” for the team, citing him as the division’s best quarterback.

Analysts believe the Bills are placing a lot of their hope for success on Allen’s shoulders as he continues to mature into his second year. 

Fans are looking forward to seeing how the team’s defensive leadership forms, especially since DC Leslie Frazier stepped away from coaching for the upcoming season.

The balance is a tricky one to strike with a QB like Josh Allen. Naturally, he can help Buffalo fight the cash-splashing teams, but they will need to ensure that they don’t fail in order to maximize their window for the Super Bowl. 

Buffalo Bills Are Walking a Thin Line This Offseason

It’s certainly a murky offseason for Buffalo Bills, with fear only growing as more big names make it into different AFC East teams. 

Jeffrey Rusert Jefferson County

Buffalo Bills: Free Agents 2023

Jeffrey Rusert of Jefferson County

Last year’s offseason saw Brandon Beane, Buffalo Bills general manager, make a big move by signing Von Miller, the pass-rusher. However, Beane has warned that this year will be slightly different — no exceptionally big splashes.

That doesn’t mean there haven’t been any moves made, though. In fact, Jeffrey Rusert of Jefferson County reports that Beane and coach Sean McDermott have signed a few free agents that are guaranteed to impact the incoming season. 

Defensive Tackle: Jordan Phillips

The Buffalo Bills were in need of a strong defensive tackle, and they wanted nothing more than to re-sign Jordan Phillips for another year. After all, he’s a worthy veteran with glittering results.

That said, 6’6″, 30-year-old Phillips has a substantial injury history, which presents a possible risk for the Bills. He’s recently had offseason surgery on his rotator cuff, and has only played three full regular seasons during his entire nine-year run. 

Defensive End: Shaq Lawson

Since Von Miller ended his season early due to a knee injury, the Bills had to add another free agent to their defensive end. And Shaq Lawson fit the bill.

The 6’3″ 265lb player started six games for the Bills last year, with an average of 3.5 sacks in the final four games. This was a notable improvement from his performance during his Jets season, ending with nine quarterback hits instead of five. 

Ultimately, there isn’t much risk with bringing the player back on his one-year short-term deal. He’s well known by the coaching staff and purportedly feels comfortable in the building.

Cornerback: Dane Jackson

Originally, the Bills had a round tender on the restricted free agent cornerback Dane Jackson. However, after just a couple of days, they signed him for a one-year deal, lowering his hit from the otherwise $2.7 million. The lowered cap, however, gives Jackson a few guarantees. 

In the upcoming season, he will offer depth to the outside corner alongside fellow players Kaiir Elam and Tre’Davious White.

The risk with Jackson comes from the extra guarantees included in his contract. Regardless, this one-year deal fits the Bills’ theme quite nicely. 

Jeffrey Rusert of Jefferson County

Safety: Jordan Poyer

Before becoming a free agent, the 6’0″ safety expressed excitement for exploring the market. However, he evidently didn’t find the deals he was expecting. Thus, the soon-to-be 32-year-old is back with the Bills for another two years. 

His return has filled a massive hole at safety, and he’s set to be opposite Micah Hyde, a player he’s been starting with since 2017.

Even though the team still needs to add depth here, the Bills only lost one game with Poyer on the field last season!

Wide Receiver: Trent Sherfield

In keeping with the one-year theme, Trent Sherfield, the 6’0″ 219lbs wide receiver, is back to bolster the depth of the special teams and wide receiver room. This move addresses a clear need right off the bat. 

Although, analysts mention that the team should still pack this position more by finding a fit at No. 2 receiver, particularly since Gabe Davis’ contract runs out after this season. 

Jeffrey Rusert Jefferson County

Cole Beasley Signs with Buffalo Bills After Return from Retirement

Jeffery Rusert of Jefferson County

After announcing his retirement in October of this year, few predicted they would see the wide receiver on the field so soon. However, after only 2 months officially off the field, he has come out of his retirement to return to the Buffalo Bills practice squad. His return comes shortly after free agent wide receiver, Odell Beckham Junior was seen visiting the team although he left unsigned.

With his solid record, Jeffery Rusert of Jefferson County says that the Buffalo Bills fans hope that his return to the team will help to strengthen the team’s offense and increase their team’s chances of coming out on top this upcoming season.

Road to Retirement

For the first seven years of his career, 2012-2018, Cole Beasley played as a wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys. After seven years in Texas, he went to the Buffalo Bills where he played for the next three years from 2019-2021.

During his time with the Buffalo Bills, he received a lot of heat for his controversial decision to remain unvaccinated against COVID-19. He also spoke against many of the COVID-19 regulations put in place by the NFL.

He also saw a drop in plays made including a decrease in touchdowns. In the 2021 season, he only made 1 touchdown, the lowest number since his debut with the Dallas Cowboys in 2012.

This controversy in combination with the overall decrease in plays made led him to request a trade from the Buffalo Bills.

When no trade was found he decided to move on to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for the 2022 season. However, after only two games he was released from the team. Later in October of this year, he announced his decision to retire.

Jeffery Rusert of Jefferson County

Back to Buffalo

Despite announcing his decision to retire two months ago, it appears that Cole Beasley is not yet done with the NFL. Despite his averages having suffered slightly in recent seasons, Cole Beasley still has a lot to offer to the Bills, namely veteran experience.

Having played with the team previously, resigning Beasley offers the benefit of adding a player to the offense that already understands how the team works.

In the past, he has also consistently been one of the best wide receivers on the team in terms of receiving first downs. Over his three years on the team, he received a total of 124 first downs coming second to only one other player.

COVID-19 Controversy

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Beasley has been clear about his disagreements with the way that the NFL is handling regulations.

He was open about his decision to not be vaccinated and has reportedly been fined multiple times for breaking protocol. He deleted social media during his last season which helped to calm the situation down. However, he has since reappeared on social media and has backed down from his position against the NFL.

Cole Beasley was also recently called out for tweeting in support of a Nets basketball player who tweeted out the link to a movie containing antisemitic content.

These controversies have some Bills fans questioning whether bringing Beasley back on board is the right decision, or if it will spark more unrest within the team.

Wrap Up

Despite the previous seasons’ controversies, Cole Beasley is a solid wide receiver who has the potential to significantly strengthen the Bills’ offensive line. His veteran experience also puts him in a unique position of being able to jump into play relatively easily, not needing a period of introduction to the team.

As long as he is able to coast along without causing too much controversy, this new signing appears promising for the Buffalo Bills.