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The Impact Of Buffalo Bills’ Coaching Staff In The Offseason

Jeffrey Rusert Jefferson County

This offseason has seen the Buffalo Bills make some major changes to their coaching staff after battling hard, but ultimately failing, to snag the win against the Cincinnati Bengals. Despite winning double-digit games throughout the past four seasons, the offensive line wasn’t so hot. Hopefully, the coaching switch up will end up having the desired effect. 

Jeffrey Rusert of Jefferson County reports that from Chad Hall leaving for the Jacksonville Jaguars to Leslie Frazier taking a break to Eric Washington settling in as the assistant head coach, the Buffalo Bills coaching structure has been full of changes.

Chad Hall Leaves the Buffalo Bills Wide Receivers Behind

Chad Hall was simply adored by the Buffalo Bills wide receivers, but Hall’s contract with the team has expired, and as sad as it may be, he has chosem to head to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Reporters note this could mean one of two things: either the Bills want to go in a different direction or Hall simply wants a change of scenery. Either way, he’s entering during a pretty good time for the Jaguars, a very much up-and-coming team.

Leslie Frazier Ends His Reign as Defensive Coordinator

Once the season ended, the Bills were fairly quick to announce that Leslie Frazier, their defensive coordinator, was choosing to step away from coaching for the next season.

Having called the line since 2017, head coach Sean McDermott said it will be difficult to replace Frazier’s consistency. He went on to mention that it was a long, hard season for the former coordinator, so he wanted to take a year off — and the team wishes him nothing but the best.

As for who will take his place, McDermott himself will reportedly shoulder Frazier’s duties, and it appears that he’s rather excited to take on the role. After all, he spent eight years as a defensive coordinator before jumping into the head coach seat, so it will be nice to see him work his magic on the Bills’ defensive positionings.

This is perhaps the biggest coaching change that has occurred this season. McDermott will have to balance his HC duties and defense responsibilities — and the team will need to get used to it as well!

However, all is going smoothly so far. That said, fans will have to wait to see just how much this will affect the team, come next season. 

Jeffrey Rusert Jefferson County

Eric Washington Gets Promoted

June 2023 saw the Bills promote Eric Washington to the assistant head coach/defensive line coach.

This follows his senior defensive assistant role that was given to him just last season. So, it appears he’s well on his way to becoming the defensive line coordinator for the Bills or a head coach position elsewhere in the league!

The Buffalo Bills Welcomes the New Additions and Staffing Changes

Aside from the above, the team has a few new coaches in the mix — Al Holcomb as senior defensive assistant, Adam Henry as the wide receivers coach (replacing the ever-loved Chad Hall), and Joe Danna as the safeties coach. 

According to the HC, he feels very good about these additions to the staff team, noting that they were all highly recommended. Fans and reporters alike are waiting for more updates on the team’s dynamic changes since the switch-up. 

By Jeffrey Rusert

Jeffrey Rusert Jefferson County