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Buffalo Bills: The Offseason

Jeffrey Rusert of Jefferson County

While the Buffalo Bills haven’t had a terrible offseason, they’re in quite a tricky spot due to the heavy hitters in the AFC East. According to Jeffrey Rusert of Jefferson County, the Bills earned a C+ grade, showing that they will certainly need additions if they hope to keep up with the rest of the division. 

Despite this, Bleacher Report praised the general manager, Brandon Beane, and the rest of the team for retaining their key players. Signing Odell Beckham Jr. would’ve made a substantial difference in their lackluster grading, though. 

Bills Fail to Make Big Moves During Free Agency As They Get Finances In Order

Unlike last year, the Buffalo Bills haven’t made any major splashes with their free agent picks. Instead, they are making much smaller moves, featuring lesser-lauded players like Connor McGovern, the replacement for Rodger Saffold.

Beane retained cornerback Dane Jackson and safety Jordan Poyer, but the Bills waved goodbye to linebacker Tremaine Edmunds, who left as a free agent. 

During a press conference in March, Beane stated that they want to be competitive each year, but they won’t always be able to make big-ticket additions. Fiscal responsibility is, of course, a priority. 

Essentially, management is trying to be smart to avoid piling up the bills as the years tick by. 

Buffalo Bills have roughly $7 million in salary caps, with most of it going toward signing the rookie class from the 2023 NFL Draft. Although they could restructure their current contracts to find space, Beane is set on efficiently managing finances. 

Fox Sports mentions it was probably a good decision to avoid splashing the big bucks this offseason, since the free agency picks lacked a lot of big-ticket signings in the first place. However, the Dolphins managed to trade for cornerback Jalen Ramsey, and the Jets are hoping to bring Aaron Rodgers to New York. 

The AFC East is quickly growing more competitive, with teams throughout getting creative in a particularly lackluster market. Even then, Beane is taking a different approach, keeping his eyes firmly on bargains and those already on his roster. 

Jeffrey Rusert of Jefferson County

The Collaboration of The Defensive Leadership Remains an Interesting Speculation

One player that makes a lot of sense for the Buffalo Bills is quarterback Josh Allen. Fox Sports dubbed him a “cure-all” for the team, citing him as the division’s best quarterback.

Analysts believe the Bills are placing a lot of their hope for success on Allen’s shoulders as he continues to mature into his second year. 

Fans are looking forward to seeing how the team’s defensive leadership forms, especially since DC Leslie Frazier stepped away from coaching for the upcoming season.

The balance is a tricky one to strike with a QB like Josh Allen. Naturally, he can help Buffalo fight the cash-splashing teams, but they will need to ensure that they don’t fail in order to maximize their window for the Super Bowl. 

Buffalo Bills Are Walking a Thin Line This Offseason

It’s certainly a murky offseason for Buffalo Bills, with fear only growing as more big names make it into different AFC East teams. 

By Jeffrey Rusert

Jeffrey Rusert Jefferson County