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Buffalo Bills: Analyzing Key Matchups for the Upcoming Season

Jeffrey Rusert of Jefferson County

It’s kick-off time – the 2023 NFL season has begun. And already, fans are focused on the Buffalo Bills and their recent win against the Las Vegas Raiders.

Bills fans have been anticipating these wins, and they certainly expect to see more.

Jeffrey Rusert of Jefferson County tackles the upcoming matchups that the Bills have been preparing all season for.

Beating the Fish: Bills vs. Dolphins

Football fans are always excited to watch two rivals play against each other. On October 1st, they’ll witness exactly that – as the Buffalo Bills face the Miami Dolphins at the Highmark Stadium.

To Buffalo Bills players and fans, all matches against the Miami Dolphins are monumental, considering the Dolphins are often recognized as the best football team in NFL history. If there’s any team that should steal that title, they’d want nothing more than for it to be the Bills.

In addition, many of the Buffalo Bills’ supporters and players are still not over their win against the Dolphins last December – to them, it’s essential to continue that winning streak.

However, the Dolphins aren’t the only opponents the Bills need to prepare for. They have to keep their heads up for another rival – and weather to acclimate to.

The Union Jack and Jacksonville: Bills vs. Jaguars

Week 4 may be crucial to the Buffalo Bills, as it is the week where the team will face off against the Dolphins. Likewise, week 5 will be just as important – as they will face the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Despite both teams last facing off in November 2021 (where the Jaguars won), the match location is still somewhat concerning, as neither will have a home-court advantage. Instead, on October 8th, the match will take place in London at the Tottenham Hotspurs Stadium.

Once the Bills return to the USA, they’ll face two more of their biggest rivals – the New York Giants and New England Patriots.

Fortunately, these matches will commence at the Highmark Stadium and Gillette Stadium, respectively.

However, fans are even more eager to watch the rematch between the Bills and the team that ended their 2022 postseason: The Bengals.

The Anticipated Rematch: Bills vs. Bengals

The Buffalo Bills may have lost to the Cincinnati Bengals last year, but the Bills are dominating the sport this season. On the other hand, the Bengals lost to the Baltimore Ravens in week 2, but this loss didn’t seem to dampen their spirit.

As confident as both teams are, one veteran sportswriter predicts a team that can beat the Buffalo Bills.

Jeffrey Rusert of Jefferson County

Super Bowl LVIII Picks: Bills vs. Eagles

On week 12 (November 27), the Buffalo Bills will face the Philadelphia Eagles, and most Bills fans are still upset about the 13-31 loss. These are some reasons why Peter King – a sportswriter for NBC Sports – thinks the Eagles will win the Super Bowl.

In his Football Morning in America column, Peter King explains that the reason why the Eagles have a huge chance of winning is because he doesn’t think that “there’s a clear weakness on the Eagles.”

That said, Peter King doesn’t think the Bills will win against the Eagles. According to him, “I have a Philly-Dallas NFC title game, which could be epic.”

Until that happens, however, football fans just need to stay tuned.


The Buffalo Bills’ 38-10 win against the Las Vegas Raiders boosted the Bills fans and players’ morale immensely. If the team consistently dominates this season, then there will be more to look out for.

By Jeffrey Rusert

Jeffrey Rusert Jefferson County